click walk learn MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY tour to Fagan Park

Macro photography opens up a whole new way of seeing….In fact it really teaches you to ‘see’ and ‘take notice’ of what’s around you.

Last week, I took one of my click walk learn VIP’S, Leesa to Fagan Park in Sydney’s north west to teach her all about macro photography.

The park was huge and had many different ‘themed’ areas within that gave numerous photographic opportunities.

Leesa took some ‘awesome’ pics and learnt all about the finer tips of macro photography..

I’ll be highlighting some of her pics on the click walk learn face book page later on today.

If you’re are interested in this tour, I will be running it again in 2015 🙂

Click on the first pic to view the slideshow 🙂


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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

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