What if its pouring rain on the day of the tour?

Chris will contact you via mobile approx 3 hours before the tour to advise you whether it’s going ahead or not. She will then reschedule you on another tour date that suits you {free of charge.}

What if it rains halfway through the tour?

If it starts to rain heavily before two hours of the tour has elapsed, Chris will reschedule you on another tour date that suits you {free of charge.}

What do I bring with me on the tour?

Camera {DSLR or Compact}
plenty of memory cards
spare batteries
tripod {for night tours}
Hat, sunscreen, waterbottle, good walking shoes, warm jacket.

When is my photography ebook emailed to me?

About 5-7 days before the tour. Please read it over before the tour.

Will I bring the ebook with me on the tour?

You can if you like. Its up to you. Lots of students say that the ebook makes much more sense after the tour!!

Please note a minimum of 5 people are required for each tour to run.

2 thoughts on “FAQ’S

  1. Hi, where in sydney does thenight course start and finish?

    1. Hi Diana,
      How are you? Thanks for your interest in this months ‘click walk learn’ SYDNEY BY NIGHT photography tour – Wed 25th Feb…
      The starting time will be 6.45pm just under the harbour bridge…
      If you would like to make a booking please visit https://clickwalklearn.com.au/tour-info/sydney-by-night-photography-tour/

      Looking forward to hearing back from you..

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