‘Introduction to Flash Photography’ Workshop – Canberra

Sat 3rd Dec 2016 – 9.30am to 5.30pm



***1 spot available***

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Tour time – 9.30am to 5.30pm

Venue – Telstra Tower ~ Executive Briefing Centre, level 3, 100 Black Mountain Drive, Acton ACT 2601

This gorgeous venue has wonderful views over Canberra and free parking right outside!

Do you want to learn all about your external flash and have all those buttons and dials explained to you in plain english? Let me teach you how to use your external flash to make your photos look perfect:)

This workshop is for anyone that has a general understanding of photography AND has a dedicated EXTERNAL FLASH.

This is a UNIQUE opportunity to extend your photography skills and learn all about flash photography.

This 1 day workshop will be split into 3 components – 

The in’s and out’s of your external flash.

We will explore all of the buttons, dials, angles, flash compensation and everything else about you need to know about your flash.

Using your flash inside for great results.

This component explores taking great ‘inside’ photos using your flash without ugly shadows, using bounce flash and using your histogram to create ‘perfect light.’ We will practice portraits and ‘product’ photography inside, using our external flashes.

Using your flash outside during the daytime.

People are always surprised to know that one of the best times to use your flash is OUTSIDE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY…We will head outside to learn all about using our flash during the day, mixed with ambient light.

You will be given personal, easy to understand photography tuition and information relevant to YOUR external flash (yes, I study the workings of YOUR external flash before the tour.)

DSLR cameras only on this tour.

Whats included in the tour price?

8 hours of photography tuition.

Gourmet Lunch, water, coffee and tea…yes, that’s all included in the price of the workshop 🙂

Detailed flash photography ebook – this is emailed to you 5-7 days before the workshop 

Critique of your images on the click walk learn facebook page

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