Tour Info, Dates & Bookings

click.walk.learn has a variety of fabulous photography tours. Click on any of the menus under ‘Tour Info, Dates & Bookings’ to find out which one is the right fit for you….


8 thoughts on “Tour Info, Dates & Bookings

  1. Please let me know the dates available

    1. Hi Winifred,
      All the dates are available on my website…click on the drop down arrow on the right of ‘tour info, dates and bookings’ All the tours are listed underneath…
      thank you for your enquiry

  2. Hi Christine, are you going to do tours later in the year as well?? I have way too much on in the first half of the year!! I loved the Canberra beginners tour but I would love to do The Rocks and the Sydney at night as well!!

    Sarah Stephens

  3. Hi Sarah, Yes, there will be other Canberra tours later on this year…I suggest you subscribe to my blog {go to the home page} or email me at and provide me with your email address…once new tours are released for the next quarter you will be advised!!

  4. Hi Christine ,
    Joe and I would love to do another tour with you but are busy on the feb and march tour advertised. Is anything happening in SYdney 7/3 14/3 18/4 2/5 ?

    1. Hi Kerry and Joe,
      How are you both? I will be interstate on the 7/3 and 14/3..
      I will be planning tours for the second quarter in the coming few weeks which will include 18/4 and 2/5
      I will email you when they are released..
      chris bernasconi

  5. Katica Kricancic May 26, 2017 — 8:39 am

    Just wondering if there would be any other workshops for the vivid display seems that they are all booked?


    1. Hi Katica,
      Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, all my VIVID tours are booked…

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