Do you love your photography? Come on a click.walk.learn tour to Cockatoo Island

_BP_0620 _BP_0650-2

Are you sick of blurred pics?

Do you upload your photos to your computer and then say ‘oh’ – thats not what I saw?

You need to join me on a click.walk.learn tour:)

I will teach you all about your camera and photography (yes I research and learn all about your camera before the tour.)

You will learn how to create stunning images using aperture, shutter speed, ISO, depth of field, composition and more..

I will give you personal, one on one tuition. You will take fantastic photos on Cockatoo Island using techniques that you never even knew existed (really, there’s a lot more to your camera than you know.)

Cockatoo Island is a photographers paradise – cranes, harbour views, sandstone, old buildings – you name it. It’s there.

Come along and have a fun, relaxed, easy to understand photography session with me, on Cockatoo Island.

Whats included?

A photography ebook – explaining everything – emailed to you before the tour.

A drink – something strong – or coffee is included in the tour price.

Critique of your images via my click walk learn photography page.

The next tour on the island is this Sat 8th March. Due to the Biennele, there will be no more click.walk.learn tours until June 2010. So, now’s the time to book.

So, grab the camera, make a booking, (click here, for tour info, dates & bookings) come along and take your photography to a new level…

see you on Saturday,


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