Fantastic new click walk learn PHOTOGRAPHY tours for summer!!

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

click walk learn has just released its new summer tours in Sydney….if you want to learn more about your camera and how to take awesome photos – join me on a click walk learn tour this summer:)



Sat 25th October – Bronte Beach $149 inc breakfast

Sat 15th Nov – Coogee Beach – $149 inc breakfast


Do you want to get out and about with your camera and create beautiful photos whilst watching the sunrise over one of Sydney’s iconic beaches?

Come along on this 4 hour photography tour {including a BIG breakfast} and learn how to take awesome shots of the sunrise plus slow movement and fast actions shots of the waves and the Sea Pool at a gorgeous Sydney beach.

For bookings & more information click here


Organise YOUR photos + lightroom & basic photoshop tuition

This workshop is conducted over TWO sessions at YOUR HOME. Times can be organised to suit YOU between MON – THURS 9am to 9pm – $499


You’ve been out all day taking great pics. Your skills are improving and you know more about your camera and photography 🙂 great.

Then you get home, dump all the photos onto your computer, upload the best shot to facebook and leave it at that…hmmm…

You have 1000’s of photos on your computer. The folders are all over the place and lightroom? photoshop? what are they? they seem so complicated…

Well, I’m here to help you…

Introducing – Organise your photos + lightroom & basic photoshop ONE on ONE photography sessions…..

A lot of people don’t know you can rent the latest lightroom PLUS photoshop for $10 per month from Adobe. This is a FANTASTIC resource and will definitely increase your editing skills.

I will come to your home and get you COMPLETELY sorted.

I will show you how to quickly and efficiently over two sessions how to upload and organise your photos using your home computer. I will also teach you all my best LIGHTROOM and PHOTOSHOP tips that I use to give my photos that extra pop!

We will cover how to delete the photos you don’t want, star rate the ones you love and export them for printing OR facebook and email. We will also cover addition of contrast, and tweaking the exposure in photoshop plus a lot more.

For bookings & more information click here


Fagan Park – Macro Photography Tour

Wed 5th November 2014 -Fagan Park Macro Photography Tour – $159


This tour is for anyone that has a general understanding of photography OR has participated in click walk learns ‘The Rocks’ or ‘Cockatoo Island’ photography tours.

You will need a DSLR CAMERA and a dedicated MACRO LENS for this tour.

Do you want to learn more about the wonderful world of Macro Photography?

Join me on a click walk learn tour to Fagan Park.

You will learn all about macro photography – how to get super sharp images, the use of depth of field to create interesting effects, using flash to create ‘night time’ macro shots in the daylight and much more!

For bookings & more information click here

The Rocks Photography Tour

NEW DATES Sat 8th Nov – $99 & Sat 29th Nov – $99


This popular tour will take you on a photographic journey around Sydney’s Rocks area. You will discover lots of hidden alleyways, terrace houses and beautiful old buildings to photograph. You will love it 🙂

For bookings & more information click here

Cockatoo Island Photography Tour

NEW DATES Sat 11th Oct – $99 OR Sat 22nd Nov – $99


Cockatoo Island is a photographers paradise. Lots of old ‘industrial style’ buildings, cranes, tunnels, sandstone prison cells –

you name it – Cockatoo Island has it!!

For bookings & more information click here

’Sydney by Night’ Photography Tour

NEW DATES Tues 28th Oct – $99, Tues 25th Nov – $99


Sydney is such a beautiful city and looks absolutely stunning by night. This ‘Sydney by night’ tour will have you photographing many of Sydney’s icons including the Opera House and our world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.

For bookings & more information click here

Animal Portraiture ‘ADVANCED’ Photography Tour – TARONGA ZOO

NEW DATE Sun 16th Nov – $159


Come and photograph the animals and enjoy the stunning harbour views Taronga Zoo has to offer 🙂 You will learn all about ‘continuous focusing’ and how to photograph animals in the best light. We will also explore the use of a polarising filter. I will show you how easy it is to remove glare, deepen the ‘blue’ in the sky and saturate the colours in your photographs.

For bookings & more information click here

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