SO many click walk learn photography tours….

Hi everyone,

It’s been a SUPER busy couple of weeks for click walk learn. I’ve met lots of new students who were so eager to learn about photography and their cameras..

Firstly, we set off to Canberra for a tour at the National Zoo and Aquarium…The weather was gorgeous and we all really enjoyed learning about ‘continuous focusing’ and polarising filters…

I would really recommend a visit to this zoo, it was really well set up with great opportunities to get up close and personal to lots of animals.



I also conducted a ‘continuous focusing’ tour in Canberra at the Belconnen dog Obedience Clubs Jumping & Agility Trials. We all loved this tour. The dogs ‘in action’ were awesome and everyone took lots of GREAT shots that we sent off to all the dog owners 🙂



Later that week, back in Sydney, I conducted a private day/night combo tour with Fiona from England. She LOVES visiting Sydney and wanted to learn all about taking better photos with her camera. We had a wonderful afternoon/evening out and about exploring our beautiful city…



On Thursday morning, I took some students to Coogee Beach for a ‘Sunrise & Sea Pools’ tour. The students loved learning all about getting great shots at sunrise plus how to freeze AND slow down the movement of the water._BP_4443


Then to top it all off, on Sunday I had another private tour along the coastal walk near Bondi…It was a dark and stormy afternoon and Catherine loved learning how to use her new variable Neutral Density filter:)_BP_4611



that’s it for this week…

happy clicking everyone,

Chris 🙂

1 thought on “SO many click walk learn photography tours….

  1. Lorraine Calvert May 18, 2015 — 3:01 pm

    Had a fantastic tour with Christine on the Macro, Landscape & Architecture tour last Saturday. Learned lots about the various techniques of photographing waterfalls, buildings and flowers. Chris makes it a fun experience which seems to make the learning easier. I have done several tours with Chris and enjoyed the experience each time and have no hesitation in recommending Clickwalklearn to anyone who has an interest in photography.

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