Are you a photographer? Do you want to learn all about LIGHTROOM?


PicMonkey CollageAre you a PHOTOGRAPHER that wants to learn all about LIGHTROOM?
Then this two day extensive workshop is for you!
Sat 25th Jun 2016 – 9am to 4pm AND
Sun 26th Jun 2016 – 9am to 4pm
Parramatta RSL – $399 – includes LIGHTROOM notes, gourmet lunch both days, refreshments and all tuition.
For bookings and more info click here.
Let me give you a scenario.
You’ve been out all day taking great pics. Your skills are improving and you know more about your camera and photography 🙂 great.
Then you get home, dump all the photos onto your computer, upload the best shot to social media and leave it at that…hmmm…
You have 1000’s of photos on your computer. The folders are all over the place and lightroom? What is that? It all seems so complicated…
Well, I’m here to help you…
This workshop will get you super organised and COMPLETELY sorted 🙂
This workshop is divided into three sessions – over two days:
Session 1 covers how to quickly and efficiently UPLOAD AND ORGANISE your photos to your computer. Lightroom is a super powerful organisational tool and organising your photos and folders CORRECTLY from the start is the key. You will learn how to delete the photos you don’t want, star rate the ones you love {so you can find them easily later} and how to add ‘keywords’ and ‘copyright’ each time you upload a new shoot.
Session 2 covers EDITING in depth! You will learn basic editing steps such as addition of contrast and vibrance right through to advanced techniques such as lens correction and straightening of distorted buildings. I will also teach you all my best LIGHTROOM tips that I use to give my photos that extra pop!
You know I believe in getting it right in camera – but there are basic adjustments you can learn and apply to all your photos that will make them shine!!
Session 3 covers EXPORTING your photos for different mediums including social media, email, printing etc…You will also learn how to add a watermark to your photo’s and add a ‘preset’ {eg black & white or vintage} to create another version of your photo.
I will teach you everything I know:)
I anticipate this workshop to sell out quickly. Secure your spot now and discover the OTHER SIDE of photography – organising, tweaking and showing off your greatest pics.
Secure your spot now… for bookings and more info click here. 

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