Panning & Movement Advanced Photography tour

Sat 2nd April 2016 – 9.30 to 4.30pm

***TOUR FULL*****

Please email Chris at to be put on the waiting list for the next Panning and Movement tour.


Tour time – 9.30am to 4.30pm

This tour is for anyone that has a complete understanding of photography {i.e. aperture, shutter speed and ISO} OR has participated in either ‘The Rocks’ or ‘Cockatoo Island’  photography tours.

Do you want to increase your skills with your camera? Then this tour/workshop is for you 🙂

We will explore ‘slow movement’ with our cameras using neutral density filters {ND filters.}

Please note you will need a neutral density {*ND} filter and a tripod for this tour.

We will ‘slow down’ the traffic and a bike rider and some rides at Luna Park!…You will learn all about your filters and how to visually give your images the edge by showing a moving subject.

‘Panning’ is an art that requires LOTS of practice, patience and a certain body technique.

Panning uses a slow shutter speed in conjunction with panning your camera with the moving subject. You end up getting a relatively sharp subject and a blurred background.

This gives the shot a feeling of movement and speed. It’s particularly useful in capturing any fast moving subject whether it be a car, your dog or a cyclist 🙂

I will teach you lots of panning techniques using a bike rider and city traffic.

You will be given personal, easy to understand photography tuition and information relevant to YOUR camera {yes, I study the workings of YOUR camera before the tour.}

Slow movement, ND filters and Panning techniques will be studied IN DEPTH on this tour.

We stop for lunch halfway through the day to recharge and brainstorm. We will visit a local cafe for lunch.

Please note: A moderate fitness level is required for this tour.

DSLR cameras only on this tour.

Whats included in the tour price?

7 hours of photography tuition.

Coffee and cake for morning or afternoon tea – yes, thats on me:)

Detailed photography ebook – this is emailed to you 5-7 days before the tour along with tour times and details of our meeting point etc.

Critique of your images on the click walk learn facebook page

Whats NOT included in the tour price?

Lunch is NOT included in the cost of this tour. We will be stopping for lunch at a local cafe.

Please phone Chris on 0430 511 566 if you need to discuss any aspects of a ND {neutral density} filter…

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