Tours in YOUR city

Would you like a photography tour in YOUR city?

Whether you live in Canberra, Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane, The Gold Coast, The Hunter Valley or anywhere in Australia, click.walk.learn is very happy to bring a photography tour to you!!

You will receive my photography ebook before the tour, I’ll research and know all about the workings of YOUR camera before our afternoon out and we’ll have cake and coffee at YOUR favourite cafe.

Tours need 7 to 8 people to run. Transport will be provided.

I am busy planning ideas, locations and dates for my next click walk learn tour….Watch this space 🙂


5 thoughts on “Tours in YOUR city

  1. I would love something in the Easter school holidays in Canberra 2015

  2. Hi Christine,
    I would love you to visit Adelaide…. Nothing like it here and I am sure it would be popular.
    Please consider a Course here, I will be your first client..!

    1. Hey Annette, I would love to come to Adelaide…
      I need 5 people to make my course viable for me…

      If you have people in your class that are interested, please send me their email addresses {with their permission} and I will definitely organise something early in the new year..

      thanks for your interest, it means a lot to me…

      Chris Bernasconi

  3. Southern Highlands (NSW) Tour??

    1. Hi are you? Are you interested in coming along on this tour from Sydney? Or have me come to the southern highlands and conduct a tour? Cheers chris 📷

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